Tim Collins
Tim Collins Founder/CEO – EBSCO Information Services
Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks Executive Vice President – Marketing, Sales, Publisher Relations & Strategic Partnerships
Allen Powell
Allen Powell Executive Vice President, SSD, GOBI & Operations
Jay Mark
Jay Mark Executive Vice President, Strategy, Finance, Planning & Operations
Sheila Dykstra EBSCO
Sheila Dykstra Executive Vice President/Chief of Staff
Patty Carroll EBSCO
Patty Carroll Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Betsy Jones
Betsy Jones Executive Vice President, EBSCO Clinical Decisions
Gar Sydnor
Gar Sydnor Executive Vice President, FOLIO and Research SaaS
Sara Earley
Sara Earley Senior Vice President, Research Databases
Michael Laddin
Michael Laddin Senior Vice President, Product Management, Proprietary Products
Kim Stam
Kim Stam Senior Vice President/Chief Legal Officer
Melissa D'Amato
Melissa D'Amato Senior Vice President, Publisher Relations
Bowen Thagard
Bowen Thagard Senior Vice President of Operations & Finance, Americas
June Levy, MLS
June Levy, MLS General Manager – Cinahl Information Systems
Kristin Delwo
Kristin Delwo Founder & General Manager, Stacks Library Services
Danielle Borasky
Danielle Borasky General Manager – NoveList