Research & Data Tools

EBSCO brings together leading tools and services to streamline research and data management. Accelerate the research process by storing, organizing and preserving data, and make access and reuse easier. EBSCO works to ensure that these services interoperate with other systems to support an open future.


Code Ocean

A research collaboration platform that centralizes where research code and data is created, managed and shared. With Code Ocean, researchers can easily analyze, organize and execute work and publish into repositories and journals.

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Make it easy to share method details before, during and after publication. is a centralized platform for the collaborative creation, management and sharing of research protocols and methods.

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Long-term data management and digital preservation software, services and domain expertise. Perpetua collects, preserves, safeguards and provides access to your research data.

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Stacks Library Websites

A web site management tool that provides everything you need to create and manage your digital research experience. Feel confident with top-notch features and technology, including EBSCO Discovery Service integration.

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EBSCO Discovery Service

Help researchers explore articles from all sources with one search. EBSCO Discovery Service is an all-inclusive search solution that makes in-depth research easy.

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