American Medicine, Surgery, Dentistry Periodicals, 1786-1877

This collection provides a snapshot of the best medical thinking of the time. It contains publications focused on professional medical thought, including dental practice, during the 19th century. With detailed illustrations and diagrams using what were state-of-the-art printing techniques at the time, these journals chronicle the development of medical and surgical techniques over time.

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Surgery titles were published across the country, and include the Civil War-era Confederate States Medical & Surgical Journal and the Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal. General practice is covered in such journals as The Richmond and Louisville Medical Journal and The Bulletin of Medical Science. Periodicals devoted to medical specialties and specific diseases include The American Journal of Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children, Journal of Psychological Medicine, and The Cholera Gazette. Medical societies are represented by titles such as The New Jersey Medical Reporter and Transactions of the New Jersey Medical Society. Twenty-three titles here are devoted to dentistry exclusively, including The New York Dental Recorder.