Current Events and History Periodicals, 1691-1912

This collection consists primarily of publications chronicling the notable events of the 17th-20th centuries. These 160 periodicals include regular reports on economics and government affairs, with titles such as The New England Post Office Record, The Political State of Great Britain, and The Social Science Review. Also strongly represented in this collection is a group of periodicals dedicated to local news and interests, including Proceedings of the Vermont Historical Society, Collections of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Mad River Valley Pioneer, and Bowen's Boston News Letter, and City Record.

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The Current Events and History Periodicals, 1691-1912 collection features many titles that provide a snapshot of the country's early history, including Lexington and Concord Centennial 1775, Stars and Stripes in Rebeldom, The Scorpion: A Journal Devoted to the Interests of the Privateersman, The Historical Family Library, The Picture Gallery of the New and Old Worlds, The Antiquarian and General Review, and more