Drama, Humor, and Fine Arts Periodicals, 1764-1877

This collection reflects the important role the arts played in the development of American culture. Titles included in the collection encompass architecture, the fine arts, theater, and comic serials, revealing a lively portrait of a creative nation which found expression on canvas, on stage, and in print.

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Containing 244 titles and 44,125 pages of rich historical content, this important collection provides full-text coverage of the arts ranging from general arts, photography and theater, to wit and humor. It includes publications such as Cosmopolitan Art Journal, The Illustrated Magazine of Art, Watson's Weekly Art Journal, Weekly Photographic Art Journal, American Journal of Photography and the Allied Arts, Photographic Art Journal, Humphrey's Journal of the Daguerreotype and Photographic Arts, Theatrical Budget or Actor's Regalio, Figaro, Brooklyn Daily Stage, The Play Bill, The Footlight, The Little Joker, The Centennial Comic Pictorial,  Budget of Blunders, The San Francisco Journalist and Humorist and The Tickler.