Masons, Odd-Fellows and Other Societal Periodicals, 1794-1877

This collection focuses on fraternal societies in the 19th century—primarily the Masons, but also the Odd Fellows and others. It chronicles how many 19th-century Americans, primarily men, organized themselves into various societies loosely based on ethnic, social, or political affiliation.

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This database highlights affiliated publications of the Masons and other organizations, and features titles such as The Masonic Journal (Marietta, GA), The Masonic Trowel (Springfield, IL), The Masonic Token (Portland, ME), Iris and Odd Fellows' Mirror (Baltimore, MD), The Patron's Helper and Grange Instructor (Des Moines, IA), The Odd Fellows' Banner and Literary Companion (Bloomfield, IA), The New Weekly Messenger and Odd Fellows Advertiser (New York, NY), and New Age (San Francisco, CA.)