Newsletter Builder

Quickly share knowledge throughout your organization with Newsletter Builder, an intuitive, customizable email tool. Newsletter Builder helps you to curate and share research results found in EBSCO databases, effectively providing your staff with critical information and resources.

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At a Glance

Subject Area: Business Reference
Ideal For: Corporations

Benefits Include:

  • Increased visibility of your information center
  • Extended value and usage of library resources
  • Increased efficiency of staff

Features Include:

  • Seamless integration with EBSCOhost and EBSCO Discovery Service
  • Automatic addition of direct links to full-text resources
  • Ability to add external information, resources and links
  • Ability to add commentary and/or analysis
  • Easy creation of targeted recipient groups 

Extend the Value and Usage of Your Resources

Newsletter Builder works seamlessly with EBSCOhost databases and EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), enabling you to import and share research results throughout your organization. Since direct links to articles are automatically added, recipients can immediately access the resources they need.

Share Customized, Targeted Results

Whether you need to share research results with a few key stakeholders or entire R&D teams, Newsletter Builder makes it easy. Build targeted groups interested in specialized topics or distribute to your entire organization.

Equip Your Staff with Mission-Critical Tools

Highlight your expertise in curating, analyzing and sharing knowledge with Newsletter Builder. In addition to sharing results from EBSCOhost and EDS, you can add context through external information, commentary and research analysis -- all of it customized to optimize impact.