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RIPM offers a suite of full-text resources to meet the needs of all students, musicians, music researchers and scholars. Content includes complete runs of 280 titles, searchable high-quality images and rare primary source material. New full text content is added to all RIPM resources every six months.

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Subject Area: Music & Performing Arts
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Le Répertoire international de la presse musicale (RIPM)

Founded in 1980, Le Répertoire international de la presse musicale (RIPM) is one of four international cooperative bibliographic undertakings in music, alongside Le Répertoire international des sources musicales (RISM), Le Répertoire international de littérature musicale (RILM), and Le Répertoire international d’iconographie musicale (RIdIM). These projects are “without doubt, the most important current bibliographic documentation projects in the field of music research.” Of the four ‘Rs’, RIPM alone focuses on music and musical life from approximately 1760 to 1966.

Certainly the most extensive resource for research on all aspects of nineteenth-century musical life...”
- Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France

"It is impossible to overstate the significance of [RIPM] for the study of the music of the 20th century."
- Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities