Sears List of Subject Headings

Since 1923, the Sears List of Subject Headings has served the unique cataloging needs of small and medium-sized libraries by providing a flexible, extendable vocabulary in natural language. 

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At a Glance

Features Include

  • Agreement with the Dewey Decimal Classification system to ensure that subject headings conform with library standards
  • An easy-to-use thesaurus-like format
  • Complete front matter with Principles of the Sears List from the print edition with directions for use
  • Scope notes accompanying all new and revised headings where clarification of the specialized use of a term may be needed

A Practical Solution

Sears List of Subject Headings offers a core list of headings as well as patterns and instructions for creating new subject headings as they are needed. The aim has always been to make library collections as accessible as possible. Sears' simple, readable subject headings help patrons of all ages find library materials.

The online database includes all the headings in the 21st print edition. New headings are added annually, and search results are ranked according to relevance, whether the user is viewing a brief or full display.

Sears List of Subject Headings is available online, in print via Grey House Publishing and as a MARC authority record data delivery. A Spanish edition — Sears: Lista de Encabezamientos de Materia — is also available online and in print.

View the print edition available from Grey House Publishing.