Slavery and Abolition, 1789-1887

This historic collection chronicles the African American experience during the 19th century. While the journals cover a broad range of subjects  and include several titles on religion and literature, the bulk of these 120 titles are related to slavery and abolition. 

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The collection also takes into account periodicals representing pro-slavery perspectives, including agricultural titles for plantation owners and pro-slavery political titles. Together, the periodicals in this collection depict the ongoing struggles of abolitionists to end slavery in the United States and the response from people who supported slavery for economic and cultural reasons.

The Slavery and Abolition, 1789-1887 collection illustrates how, over time, the growing tensions between those on both sides of the slavery issue ultimately culminated in the American Civil War. Representative titles include The Path-Finder, The Slave's Friend, Anglo-African Magazine, Youth's Emancipator, The Freedmen's Record, Genius of Universal Emancipation, The Liberator, The Massachusetts Abolitionist, The Mirror of Liberty, and National Crisis: An Antidote to Abolition Fanaticism, Treason and Sham Philanthropy