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Offering more peer-reviewed, full-text journals than any other sociology research database, Sociology Source Ultimate provides the must-have materials for students studying social behavior and interaction. Topics range from gender identity, marriage and family, to demographics, political sociology, religion and socio-cultural anthropology.

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  • 1,072 active full-text journals and magazines
  • 1,009 active full-text peer-reviewed journals
  • 647 active full-text peer-reviewed journals with no embargo
  • 601 active full-text journals indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

*Expected figures by June 2019

Subjects Include

  • Deviant behavior
  • Discrimination
  • Economic development
  • Family relationships
  • Gender identity
  • Migration
  • Population growth
  • Poverty and wealth
  • Religious faith
  • Social movements

Complete Coverage

To provide a comprehensive research experience, Sociology Source Ultimate includes many essential titles indexed in leading citation indexes as well as hundreds of scholarly full-text journals cited in leading subject indexes. In addition, extensive indexing for books, monographs, conference papers and other non-periodical content sources is included for well-rounded research.

International Content

Hundreds of English-language and native-language full-text journals from Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America bring a global perspective to researching the human experience.

Expert Extras

Sociology Source Ultimate features more than 26,000 author profiles covering the most cited and most influential authors in the database, who are experts in their field. Students can quickly determine an author’s professional focus with biographical data and bibliographic information.

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