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Offering more peer-reviewed, full-text journals than any other sociology research database, Sociology Source Ultimate provides the must-have materials for students studying social behavior and interaction. Topics range from gender identity, marriage and family, to demographics, political sociology, religion and socio-cultural anthropology.

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  • 1,072 active full-text journals and magazines
  • 1,009 active full-text peer-reviewed journals
  • 681 active full-text peer-reviewed journals with no embargo
  • 601 active full-text journals indexed in Web of Science or Scopus

*Expected figures by December 2019

Subjects Include

  • Deviant behavior
  • Discrimination
  • Economic development
  • Family relationships
  • Gender identity
  • Migration
  • Population growth
  • Poverty and wealth
  • Religious faith
  • Social movements

Complete Coverage

To provide a comprehensive research experience, Sociology Source Ultimate includes many essential titles indexed in leading citation indexes as well as hundreds of scholarly full-text journals cited in leading subject indexes. In addition, extensive indexing for books, monographs, conference papers and other non-periodical content sources is included for well-rounded research.

International Content

Hundreds of English-language and native-language full-text journals from Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America bring a global perspective to researching the human experience.

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