Temperance Periodicals in America, 1826-1877

The temperance movement sought to curb the consumption of alcohol and eliminate the negative effects of alcohol abuse in the home, the community, and the nation. This collection presents a broad range of periodicals that promoted the temperance movement in 19th-century America.

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The Temperance Periodicals in America, 1826-1877 collection explains how the temperance movement originated through religious and benevolent groups, how it quickly spread throughout the country, and the various kinds of temperance advocated, from calls for moderation to total abstinence. The Temperance Periodicals in America, 1826-1877 provides periodicals dating back to 1826 when the earliest title, National Philanthropist, started publication from famed abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison as its editor. Subsequent titles are expansive in their geographic range, the political interests represented, and the social groups involved.