Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success

EBSCO LearningExpress Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success is a dynamic online learning platform that helps job seekers and career changers build a foundation for success. It provides self-directed resources to boost job search abilities and prepare adults for occupational training, licensure and certification.

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At a Glance

Subject Area: Careers & JobsLifelong Learning
Ideal For: CorporationsGovernment

Help Job Seekers Build Skills That Win Jobs

Workforce Skills for 21st Century Success includes instruction, support, tutorials, practice tests, e-books, articles, resume building and job search tools to help job seekers build skills that win jobs. The platform is easy-to-use with resources that support academic and workforce skill building, test preparation and career development. The platform is designed to help job seekers and career changers in government unemployment offices, corporations, career and workforce centers, career training and education programs.

Targeted Learning Centers Include:

  • Build workplace Skills
  • Improve basic skills in reading, writing and math
  • Improve computer skills
  • Prepare for High School Equivalency tests (GED, HiSET and TASC)
  • Prepare for career certification and licensure tests
  • Create powerful resumes and search for jobs

Features Include:

  • Preparation for the GED test, HiSET and TASC
  • Core workplace, basic academic and soft skills improvement
  • Practice for job and career certification exams
  • Tutorials for computer software skills
  • Effective resume and letter writing tools
  • Comprehensive job search platform
  • Detailed administrative reporting