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What Sets EBSCO eBooks Apart?

Wide selection of e-books for public libraries

Trusted collections curated by librarians 

Flexible acquisition models  

Convenient ordering options

Optimized search and read experience 

Removes access barriers with thousands of DRM-free options

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Gain Unlimited User (UU) Access from a Growing List of Publishers

EBSCO is partnering with hundreds of publishers to help libraries and organizations support the demand for online instruction during the COVID-19 outbreak. View a growing list of publishers offering free upgrades and discounted pricing for UU access e-book models.

teenage girl reading an ebook on the couch

Support On-the-Go Learning with EBSCO Audiobooks

Audiobooks continue to rise in popularity and should be an important part of your library’s digital collection. Support evolving user needs with mobile, on-the-go access to popular audiobooks. 

Browse DRM-Free E-Books

DRM-free e-books allow users to download either the full book or unlimited chapters with no sign-in required, read them in any application and transfer them to any device. Users can select either PDF or EPUB formats and take advantage of Google Drive integration and smartphone/mobile optimization.


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