Middle Schools

hot air balloons over a single search box

Middle school research made easy with Explora

Explora is EBSCO’s research interface designed specifically for students and educators. The middle school version features reliable content and  easy-to-use functionality to help  high school students conduct research.

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hot air balloons over a single search box

Bring the library to your students with EBSCO Discovery Service

Get the most out of your e-resources with EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS), an affordable search platform that provides access to your school’s library collection via one search box. With EDS, students can quickly find content to complete research projects and other class assignments.

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[EBSCO Discovery Service] is really what our kids need, and it has worked beautifully. We ended up with a product that we love.

Dorian Myers , Director of Libraries and Archives
The Kinkaid School